Issue In Opening The Lab Console


Hi Team,
This is to ensure that i have purchased the “Big Data Developers Lab” for quarterly plan of 93 days on 28-02-2018 at the time purchase i cant able to access the lab even after 2 days also I cant able to work properly…after opening the lab console i was getting the “username” field properly after typing the username i cant able to paste my “password” in the required field…Kindly ensure me the proper lab console for practice…


Divakar P



use Shift+Insert to paste the password.
Refer below Screenshot.


anyways tanz for ur fast response…but the problem is that even thought i pressed the shift + insert key the “password” is not pasting in the required field …even i tried my right clicking the mouse but nothing seems to be appeared…can u help me to sort out this issue



u can’t see the password.
Refer to the video on how to login in the console.


thank you for your kindness and support…
it works…