Itversity Youtube channel content - CCA 175 Spark and Hadoop Developer using Scala


In November 2017, one of my friends cleared the certification with the help of a series of videos on itVeristy YouTube channel (each video was about an hour duration). I would like to prepare for the certification but I couldn’t find those video content. Can anyone help me finding the CCA 175 Certification training material? (other than that Udemy Course)? I tried to contact the ItVersity team, but didn’t get any response from them. It would be helpful if I can get any contact information too :slight_smile:
Thanks in Advance.



please use the below link where you find the playlists of CCA 175 using spark / python


thanks Santhosh, Did they change the course content? (I was looking for CCA 175 with Scala and found those 156 videos playlists). Though it is not what my friend used (which had some 50+ videos each of 1 hr duration), will it be enough to clear the certification/is it covers the content for the certification? TIA


The CCA 175 with scala (156 videos) is sufficient they cover the entire syllabus for certification. After you are done with that please follow arun’s blog

You can sign up for state of the art cluster at for hands on practice.