JAR file for Sqoop merge on itversity labs (Solved)


Where is the JAR file for Sqoop merge located on itversity labs

SOLVED: The jar file is created every time we run a sqoop import


Sqoop merge JAR will be created in when you have used Sqoop import in you home directory.


Thanks. It worked

Here is the updated sqoop job for reference

sqoop merge \
--class-name products_vu \
--jar-file /tmp/sqoop-varunu28/compile/f81ad143a33a585f2c17f9ba8daba63a/products_vu.jar \
--new-data /user/varunu28/problem5/products-text-part2 \
--onto /user/varunu28/problem5/products-text-part1 \
--target-dir /user/varunu28/problem5/products-text-both-parts \
--merge-key product_id