:javap command not giving results



I used Scala through console and created a class as below:

scala> class Department(deptID:Int, deptName:String)
defined class Department

when I used the following commands it failed and gave error as below:

scala> :javap -p Department
Failed: No javap tool available: scala.tools.nsc.interpreter.JavapClass$JavapTool6 failed to initialize.

Can you please check and let me know what is the issue?

Many Thanks,



Please refer to the following discussion. See if you can try that solution.



I am having different path C: and it is not working for me, can anyone please let me know what else to do.


Try using a different path maybe d or e directories, also make sure you installed java and enter correct path in the environment variables


Hi ll, This issue is resolved now. I did as explained in the below link.