Kafka Connectors


I would like to try processing web logs using Kafka and save the output to the HDFS.
Do we have Kafka connectors in the lab to read weblogs & to save the Output into HDFS.

Thanks in advance !


What Kafka connectors you are looking for?


Hi Sir,

I’m trying to read web logs, process them and save the output to HDFS using Kafka. I’m looking for a way to do it directly using Kafka. In web, i saw a couple of approaches in which connectors like confluent are used.
Thats why i would like to know whether in the lab, it is possible to try this scenario and are there anything similar to Confluent Kafka connectors installed in the lab

Thank you!


Sorry for being late. We do not have Kafka connect, but you can use Flume in the place of Kafka connect.

You can see some videos in this playlist to integrate Flume with Kafka.


You can also use NiFi to move data in and out of Kafka. We use NiFi in place of Kakfa connect.