Kafka-logs directory not found


Hello folks,

i am practicing lab exercise. I am able to successfully run below scripts.

–broker-list nn01.itversity.com:6667,nn02.itversity.com:6667,rm01.itversity.com:6667
–topic kafkadg

–bootstrap-server nn01.itversity.com:6667,nn02.itversity.com:6667,rm01.itversity.com:6667
–zookeeper nn01.itversity.com:2181,nn02.itversity.com:2181,rm01.itversity.com:2181
–topic kafkadg

i want to see the /kafka-logs for this , but i am not able to find it. Below is the path defined in server properties.


Could you please help am i looking into wrong directory ? or lack of permission ?