Lab access for students

Lab access for students
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Thank you for your reply. I just made payment with PayPal. Please let me know what is next step.


@Pallavi - Are you able to create user and move forward ?

Incluidng @BaLu_SaI if any help needed.


Yes, I created a user and were able to login on console. Thanks.


@Pallavi - Glad to hear, you are able to login. Happy learning :slight_smile:


Sent the details, please let me know the next steps.



Hello sir,
I’ve emailed my student details but there wasn’t any response.
I would like to enroll in students special plan.
Can you help me out with this.


Can a 10+2 (PUC) student apply for this student plan?


@itversity @BaLu_SaI - Could you please look into this.


I’ve emailed twice and I might miss sessions. Can you please make sure I get access to labs as soon as possible.
Thank you


It is taken care already!!!


Hi itversity,

I am working in private forum. I want to take 2 years of subscription.
Could you please, let me know whether I am eligible for this subscription or not.

I am going through itvesity big data hadoop videos one by one but I’m unable to practice. Could you please let me know, which subscription is better for me. I am working production support and I want to learn big data with hands practice.

Thanks in advance,


@Sumit_Kumar_Sahu - Since you are working professional, you have to pick any one from below 3 options.

$14.95 for 31 days / $34.95 for 93 days / $54.95 for 185 days

Note:- 2 Year plan only for currently student.


2 days ago I made payment for student accesa and I also sent my information, Kindly let me know how can i access my labs.




Hi ,

I am doing PHD, will that be valid until my PHD completed?


Yes. It is!!!

Please share the details at


I am coordinating a 2-years long course which topics have all to do with what you guys offer in your labs. So, Infnet, where I work, is interested in buying 50 bi-annual plans for our students (we do not want they pay for it).
How can we make this happen?
Eduardo Morelli


Please write to, we can discuss.