Lab console not getting started-502 bad gateway

Hi Team,

When i click on console, in new tabe ( ) it is displaying “502 Bad Gateway”. I am not able to access the lab( Please try to fix it.


I’m getting the ‘502 bad gateway’ too. Could you fix it?

Getting the same

502 Bad Gateway

Some please let us know the ETA.

I am also getting a Bad Gateway error. please fix. username: khooper13

user name : rashelrana

getting 502 Bad Gateway


Please fix.

It’s been 12 Hours.
It is not fixed yet.
Please fix or give and ETA.

please do something for 502 bad gateway error from 2 days i am not able to work on cloud. my is time is running out

Even I am facing the same issue for past 6 hours. Let us know the ETA

Sorry for the delay. I am away from my computer at this time. I will resolve the issue in the evening.

Issue is resolved, Please try to login now.

I am facing the same issue.

again i am facing -502 bad gateway problem. please solve my problem

Issue is resolved, please try to access now.

I am facing the same problem

again i am facing problem to access lab. taking id and password and showing reconnect button on screen. please solve my problem.


I have checked from my side. It’s working fine. Please check your internet connection once. And also try to login from another browser. Please reply if this issue is still not resolved.

now working fine
thank you