Lab getting reconnected multiple times



When I tried to connect to the lab from console it is getting disconnected multiple times. When I use to connect using putty, my password is not working on and I am unable to connect

Can you please look into this?




Facing the same issue.


HI team, situation is pretty bad here. Lab is reconnecting multiple times. I can not even load the files and can not use it at all. I have checked my internet connection as well which is stable. Please assist


@Rajesh_Tippireddy You don’t have access to You can only login to the assigned gateway. Issue Resolved and try to log in now.


@Vino @shikher Issue Resolved. Try to login now and let us know.


Hi, Not resolved yet. I am completely irritated with kind of support. Moment i load rdd, it went to re-connect window. I am connected to [shikher_0021@gw02 ~]$ .

Please assist



I am also facing same issue it is getting reconnected again and again for past 3 days.


Sorry for the Inconvenience. Can you use any ssh client applications like putty or Cygwin on windows and terminal on Linux and Mac to login labs.



I am not able to login to labs using SSH client as well. Please help.


@Ambuj Issue Resolved. Try to login now. There are many session not closed properly, use Ctrl+d or exit to end the session after lab practice.