Leared CCA175, got 9 out of 9


I have cleared CCA175, got 9 out of 9. Many many thanks to Durga sir, itversity team , and Arun for their contribution, they have provided online training and excellent course content. Each and every training video of CCA175 published by Durga sir is important.
Also, thanks to rram and others who have provide valuable blog.

Many thanks.


Congrats Manimohan…Can u please tell me if any questions from spark streaming or Flume is there?..is it necessary to learn Scala and Python for certification…Please let me know is it possible to answer all the questions in spark sql Or They will specify which api we need to use(either rdd,df or spark sql)??


Congratulations @manimohanin!
I am planning to give the test soon. I have similar doubts as @Yeswanth mentioned… Do we need to know both Scala and Python in order to answer the scenarios?
I’m also reading comments that we need to execute through .sh files? Can you please share your experience on that?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, any questions on spark streaming?? Flume?? I know only Scala . Is it fine??