List of tables of retail_export in lab


Can you tell me what are the tables useful as dataset to practice in retail_export db in lab? As I don’t have access in retail_db. Can you confirm? i can see only 12 records are there in orders table under retail_export db… where is the original dataset that I can work on this?


solved it is…


Hi Rakesh,
Did you get the solution to connect mysql at itversity labs, since I’m also facing same issue like “Access denied for user retail_export…” when trying to connect with spark. These guys now-a-days not giving access to use mysql for practice purpose. Even I’ve faced similar issue when using with “sqoop export command on this mysql connection”…


Are you trying to connect using spark.jdbc(). I was facing problem during sqoop but actually doing some spelling mistake…
using retail_user username you can connect with retail_db for read, retail_export for both read write.


please paste your sqoop export code


You can export into retail_export database under retail_user. For more information please refer this links for the permissions available on which databases users have Unable to create database and tables in MySQL
How to access MySQL in Big data labs?

If you are facing issues paste your code to troubleshoot it.


Problem got resolved Rakesh. I come to know that “retail_dba” user and “” has no longer been used after seeing in below post.


Thanks Balu,
Now, I understand the host “” is no longer used as well the user “retail_dba” also not in use. After getting in the post, I can able to connect for mysql.