Login credentials not found



Payment was a success and when try to open labs page I am being redirected to user/profile page
Need my login credential so that I can set it up in Cygwin.

Can you pls respond as soon as possible.

Rahul Pitta.


You need to login to http://labs.itversity.com with your mail id and then create lab username and start using the labs. You are not created Lab username yet.



I’ve logged in via google and I am not new user I’ve used it a month back and I made sure I logged in but when I press labs tab it’s not loading as in I don’t see any interface which will ask me for username creation like it did last time. As of now I don’t even see the labs page loading and it does redirect to user profile page but not asking to create the username.

Please help.



@Rahul_Pitta We are working on it. We will update once it is fixed.


@Rahul_Pitta Issue fixed. Now try to create the user.


Thanks for the help.

Rahul Pitta.