My CCA 175 experience

I have cleared cloudera exam(CCA175) on 30th mar, 2017. The exam was based on old course. As, every other person who has given exam suggested time mangement is the key. The text font was really small. During exam I got disconneted several times but in the end proctor gave me 30 minutes extra to compensate lost time due to bad network on their part.
The templates for pyspark and scala were provided you just need to edit them and then execute file in problem folder.
For zooming in on the terminal use Ctrl + Shift + “+” key on your keyboard and for zooming in ecmacs editor first press Ctrl+X and then Ctrl +.

Thank you, Durga sir for sharing valuable course contents. For the people who are going to give exam please go through itversity Cloudera Spark and Hadoop developer playlist which is on youtube, you will learn more than enough to clear the examination from this playlist.


Hi Divyesh
Congrats on the problem. are there questions on avro? If so how do you recommend loading/saving avro files? cn we avro-tools at the command prompt for this?

Thanks Ravi_V, there was one question related to modifying avro schema as the schema was incorrect. The hive table they had provided would show you the error. You just have to edit the existing schema so that table wouldn’t show any errors while you query it. There is no need for using avro-tools. Go through this video of itversity. It will explain in detail in what i am trying to say:

Thank you Divyesh for the elaborate response. I have one final question- for the spark programs do we get the templates in both scala, and python?

Yes, you will have a pre-written template for questions in scala and python. You have to edit the template according to the question.

Hi Divyesh,

Could you please share your email id so that we can discuss few issues i have regarding hive tables.

@divyeshlad Congratulations for ur exam. Should we need to learn both scala and python. I am good at python. Can’t write exam with single language??

Yes, you need to learn both language to appear in exam. But, I would suggest you to emphasis more on spark transformation and action and just know basics about scala that would be enough for certification.

Hi ,

I have one query on exam environment. can we refer/access material from local laptop?

No, you are not allowed to open anything else other than webcam app and chrome that to tabs related to exam website only.

Hi Divyesh

My belated Congratulation to you on clearing CCA 175.

I have little experience on scala, some python, I am a .NET/SQL person but have been working in Cloudera cluster for near a year and I want to get 175.

Quick question: can you clarify what do you meant many times on your sharing on itversity that there are “templates” (scala and python) in the exam? for example,

“you will have a pre-written template for questions in scala and python. You have to edit the template according to the question.”

Do you mean that we only need to provide the answer based on the “pre-written template” so we literally do not need to write the code from scratch?

In your opinion, would it be sufficient if I go through the youtube clips? Comparing the youtube clips with the course “Cloudera Certified Associate Spark and Hadoop Developer using Scala as Programming Language”, i.e., can you give any advice on the preparation emphasis and needed time as I don’t really have much time for learning.

Thank you so much in advance.

Happy New Year.

Hi @divyeshlad

do I need to launch spark-shell or pyspark? Or just going to folder execute opening terminal?

Can i use either of Python or Scala or is it essential to know both the language?

EIther one will do. You need not know both.