Need an Advise about certification


I’m in a time-crunch right now and I am wondering if I should skip streaming analytics using kafka, flume and spark streaming. Is it in any way going to affect my chances of clearing the exam? As per the revised syllabus, How important is the topic is from the certification point of view, at least for now. Your comments and guidance is needed. Thanks

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Which exam are you talking about? If it’s CCA 175 then please note exam takers have not reported any questions on Kafka, Flume or Spark Streaming. I am taking this exam in a month and not planning to prepare these topics. I am only focusing on Sqoop import/export and Spark SQL


I would want to take it by the End of June. Let’s form a study group. +1-214-984-4160.


I am also planning to take CCA175 in 2 to 3 weeks time… Lets practice more scenarios…


I would like to join your study group as well. since you are planning in this short time, have you finished the watching all the sections videos? I am preparing for the scala version. please share your studying strategies.And also how can we study in group?


Hi ,

Planning to take CCA 159 data analyst certification , Having below questions , Any advice will help
1> Any study group going on for CCA 159
2> If I practice in Itversity lab , what configuration change I need to expect in certification exam lab set up?
3> Is the Cloudera VM is the same environment we take exam or different?