Need help in starting study of hadoop

Need help in starting study of hadoop
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HI All,

I am new to this new world of Big data tool Hadoop, my target is to later go for Cloudera certification . but which i need to choose this is not clear to me i am completely new unaware how to start?
just to let you my back ground i have been working on various ETL (abintio/informatica/SSIS ) and BI tool( SSRS/BO)
so from long time not at all in touch with any programming language like java.

can some one advise me where to start ? in future i wanted to apply for jobs like this :
Big Data Engineer : Data Warehousing, ETL, Hadoop, hive, pig, sqoop, spark etc

so which certification will help me ? and what all tool i should learn and with zero programming knowledge i am able to learn?

Durga sir i have watched couple of your video but i m not sure from where i should start, could you or some one please guide me .



@chhaya_Porwal please go through this course you will understand where to start: