Need help with setting up retail_db in Hortonworks Sandbox


Related to youtube video “Hadoop Certification - HDPCD - Setup retail_db database” need your help.

Could you please explain how to ftp the retail_db.sql file to the Virtualbox sandbox ? I’m using Putty in Windows 10 to connect to the sandbox. And used the below commands as shown in :

to copy the retail_db.sql file to sandbox.

scp -P 2222 C:\Hadoop\retail_db.sql root@sandbox-hdp
ssh: Could not resolve hostname C: Name or service not known

Also tried :
scp -P 2222 C\Hadoop\retail_db.sql root@sandbox-hdp.
ssh: connect to host port 2222: Connection refused
lost connection

I’m struggling to copy this file to Sandbox.

I have also installed Cloudera VM, but since I’m following the HDPCD No Java playlist, I would like to practice in Sandbox and Ambari. Please help me to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance !!

How can I copy the files from local machine to sandbox ?


Open Notepad by right clicking “Run as administrator”. Open the hosts file located at : ( choose All Types in file type)
Edit the file and apend the below line at the end : localhost

There should be no # at the beginning of the line as it becomes a comment. Save the file.

Next install the WinSCP software.
In that select File Protocol as “SCP” and give Hostname as , Port Number as 2222.

user name as root and give the password you set in the sandbox.
once you are connected, you will see a GUI screen with left hand side window having local files and right hand side having Sandbox files.
You can now easily move your retail_db.sql to the sandbox.