Need the procedure for payment through Paypal for Lab

Hi Itversity,
Even after several post I was unable to get the payment procedure to subscribe lab access through Paypal. Each time team is bypassing that subject.
Each time I asked, your team says that you already provided or told me to send email through email.
But I didn’t get it neither through email nor through this forum.
Not able to understand what exactly the issue is to provide that Paypal account details for payment.
I appreciate if you can provide ( Paypal) it as early as possible. Also please let me know the contact number of Itversity so that I can talk directly .

I paid subscription amount through paypal yesterday, not sure what is the issue you are facing.
once you select your subscription options(monthly/quarterly/semiannual), you will get pop up window for multiple payment options via credit card or paypal.
if you select paypal, then it will take you another window where you have to enter login credentials for paypal access.

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Please click here & you will be directed to below page.

Hi Ramesh,

Can you show me where is the paypal option in the following screen ? Why it is asking for Card details ? There should be some email address of Itversity where should i pay the amount . Can i login into my Paypal account through the paypal site and pay the amount to ? Please reply .


Can you please reply ? Is the payment through Paypal is blocked from India?


Could you please reply with the plan which you are interested to the mail which we sent yesterday.

This is the plan i want to subscribe …

@TAPAS_KUMAR_SINHA Now you can able to login and let us know.

Yes I am able to login .
But can you please tell me if there is any issue with my pyspark launching .
It says “spark.yarn.driver.memoryOverhead is set but does not apply in client mode.”
I couldn’t find the tracking url there .

Hello Can you please reply …

@TAPAS_KUMAR_SINHA You can go to the resource manager and track from there. Our admin has disabled extensive logging due to which the tracking URL is not generated.

Here is the URL for resource manager -

You can ignore the below warning.