No access to Course materials on the CCA 175 course except video


Hi Mr Gadiraju,

I am a registered paid user of your CCA175 course on CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer. While the video content on the course site ( is excellent, unfortunately you have not provided any links that I can use to down load the sublime text files nor the powerpoint presentaitons.

Could you please add those links or email them to me?

Jyoti Biswas.



I did not get you. Can you point to which topic you are referring to?
All the code snippets are provided in the form of gists.

If we add downloadables, it is getting tough for us to keep every thing consistent in case of any corrections.



I am talking about all the sessions in general. Many of the course lessons do not have any code snippets, such as ‘Spark Streaming - Getting Started’. Wherever available, code snippets in the web page means that we have to copy and paste them and store it in our files. Also I don’t see anywhere your Powerpoint presentation which we can use as a revision document for the exam prep. All this means we have to take manual notes from each and every video. Not very user-friendly. Other web sites such as PluralSight provide the Powerpoint presentation, full transcript of the videos well as code snippets and exercises at a comparable price (see here ). Overall we have to spend a lot of time doing mundane things which could have been used in learning and preparation for the exam. We don’t mind paying extra for this improved end-user experience. You may consider this as feedback from a customer.