No "crc" file in the result


Guys I have a file and content in it, I was playing around to see if “–crc” option worked. I am not able to figure of why I am not able to generate that file.

[katukurivamshikrishna@gw02 ~]$ hadoop fs -cat /user/katukurivamshikrishna/hadoopfs_test
[katukurivamshikrishna@gw02 ~]$ rm /home/katukurivamshikrishna/vamshi_hdfs_practice/hadoopfs_test
[katukurivamshikrishna@gw02 ~]$ hadoop fs -get -crc /user/katukurivamshikrishna/hadoopfs_test /home/katukurivamshikrishna/vamshi_hdfs_practice
[katukurivamshikrishna@gw02 ~]$ ls -ltr /home/katukurivamshikrishna/vamshi_hdfs_practice
total 4
-rw-r–r-- 1 katukurivamshikrishna students 54 Jul 13 12:42 hadoopfs_test
[katukurivamshikrishna@gw02 ~]$