Hello team,

There is a NoRouteToHostException all the time on one particular node
Could you please resolve this.

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When are you getting this error?


While running a sqoop import.


Can you paste the command here?



sqoop import-all-tables --connect 'jdbc:mysql://' \
--username=retail_dba \
--password=itversity \
-m 8 \
--hive-import \
--hive-database 'snehaananthan_retail_db_txt' \
--create-hive-table \
--fields-terminated-by '|' \
--outdir 'java'


That exception was due to file is already loaded to hive.

I followed the below steps it is working fine.

Delete the existing HDFS directory - hadoop fs -rm -r /user/snehaananthan/categories

Created a new table in hive - snehaananthan_retail_db_txt1

And then sqoop command, it is loading fine. Please find the screenshot for reference.

sqoop import-all-tables --connect 'jdbc:mysql://' --username=retail_dba --password=itversity -m 8 --hive-import --hive-database 'snehaananthan_retail_db_txt1' --create-hive-table --fields-terminated-by '|' --outdir 'java'