Not able to connect Jupyter Notebook




I am not able to connect Jupyter Notebook. Every time it says invalid username and password. i am using username and password from

Please help.



@hardik_patira There is no issue I found with your login to Jupyter.
Username and password from
If you are still facing the issue share a screenshot.


Thanks Later i was able to find about. Ealier i was connecting through

One more qus. How i can install python packages ?


@hardik_patira You can’t install any packages. Let us know which packages you want to be available. We will check and install the packages.


Actually i am exploring jupyter notebook with spark. For this i want install “findspark” packages.

Could you please let me know if this is possible or there is another way to use spark in jupyter notebook.


@hardik_patira We are providing Jupyter hub only for python. It don’t support spark in it.


Any plan to introduce in near future?


@hardik_patira Sure we will let you know if we add spark in Jupyter.