Not able to connect MySQL using Sqoop



Dear All,

I am trying to import data from MySql database of my university into HDFS on labs but its denying the connection.

Can’t I use my own Mysql to import data and practice on labs. I assumed before subscribing for student plan which would allow me to practice on labs connecting to my MySql database apart from the database given in the Durga sir’s tutorial.

What is the workaround for that?

Abhiraj Suryawanshi


If you want to get the data into HDFS, you can export those datasets into csv formats. Then you can copy those files using WinScp from your local machine into the HDFS (Itversity labs) into your folder. From there you can play around by using SQOOP to import or export into MySQL etc…

Hope it makes sense…

Note This is a public forum and make sure you don’t copy or import any confidential information as you have mentioned it is your university data, Where it will be exposed to everyone.

Thanks !!


You should be able to copy data from mysql database of your university into HDFS as long as the MySQL database is accessible via internet with out VPN.