Not able to launch Hive using Ambari console


HDFS test :completed
HiveServer test :completed
ATS test : failed
User Home Directory test :failed


It is fine. You can still use Hive by clicking on the query above. Only ATS test is failing which is not show stopper.


Hi Not able to write any queries in Hive view .Please try to resolve my issue asap


i can open the console but does not able to write or click on any Tab …is the write access missing?



User home directory access is also failing


@Ashish_Agrawal Please refer screenshot. Queries are submitting. There is no problem with User Home Directory test :failed as well. It happening because the username is starting with a number but the code behind it was expecting charecter.

If you still facing to create



Its very slow in action…I was able to create database after 10-15 min