Not able to launch Pyspark


Hi All

I was listening to one of the lectures and then I was inactive for half an hour maybe, so, it normally logs out, and it did. However, when I am trying to log in again I can log in but I couldn’t launch pyspark. Please refer the attachment.

I am able to launch pyspark now, but, I really believe that there was some issue. If anyone knows about it, please let me know.

Faced the same issue like thrice in 6 hours span. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I believe there is some problem with the cluster/lab environment. I couldn’t run the basic commands. The terminal acts weird. If there is any problem with the environment please inform about the same and when it is going to be resolved.
Please refer to the below attachment for some new errors. I just gave this command as mentioned below:

ordersJoinMap = ordersMap.join(ordersItemsMap)


@bhaarat_pachori Issue has taken care already.


Thanks for the information.

I tried to log in into PySpark and I have faced the same issue again.

Any help??


@bhaarat_pachori It’s working fine.