Not able to log into gw03 console or via putty

Hello - I’m getting an errors while trying to get to a console.

Web console:
502 Bad Gateway

Via Putty: connecting to
While entering password, I get - Access denied

Same issue, its been hours, nobody is interested in fixing the issue i guess.

Same here. Hoping for a quick fix.

same issue with me as well. just bought the subscription and no access to console. is it often like this ?

no, i am experiencing this for first time, i bought my subscription about a month ago

I am also getting 502 nginx Bad Gateway from the last 1 hr

I am also getting 502 nginx Bad Gateway. How do we escalate this?

Any update on the fix, still facing the issue

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I see that there is some issue with gw03 gateway web console. We are working on it. But I have tried with putty its working fine. Please check with the attached screen shot. I request to use either putty or ssh through the terminal as of now.

Am also facing similar issue. Unable to login to gw02 web console or via putty.
Resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Hi Ramesh, I am facing issue via putty too.
Not sure if everyone is facing the same issue or not

Yes its connected to putty. Thanks Ramesh

cannot access the labs & cannot access putty as well … says access denied


I have checked from my side it works fine. Please make sure that you are pasting password correctly. Thank you for your patience.

I keep getting authentication failed on the web console

Putty does not work for me either. Still unable to use the lab, losing a second day I paid for.


This issue has been fixed. Thank you for your patience.

I was getting “Access denied” with Putty… And then I realized that I was not copy pasting my password correctly. right clicking was equivalent to pasting.


Not able to access to the lab via putty ( Connection time out.

Could you please help?



I have checked from my side, it’s working fine.