Not Able to login in console(User Name is not coming)




In my console username is not coming. I refresh many time but it’s not coming.

Devendra Shukla


@Devendra To connect BigData labs use putty or cygwin on windows and terminal on linux or mac.
For better performance.Refer the below command.


Thankyou @annapurna for the reply. When I click on console button(see below snapshot) one window has open and previously all things working file but now the only black screen is showing.


after clicking on console button only black screen is coming and entering the username, it’s not showing column.


@Devendra as of now browser console is not as stable as ssh clients like cygwin or putty in Windows. It is recommended to use any ssh client like cygwin or putty if you are using Windows or else terminal in mac or Linux for better performance.