Not able to login to lab - permission denied

I am not able to log into my lab. Too many logins , hence permission denied. Currently I connect only one terminal and I had intermittent disconnect issue with in interval of 1 minute of idle state. All the way I tried to reconnect and now i am gettiing below error


@vinodnerella @chandanvarma Can you please have a look?

issue is you can login.end your sessions by using(ctrl+d) after practice.

Okay… But why it is timing out after 60 seconds of idle time. when I try to paste the code which I typed in another editor , by the time lab would be disconnected. Can you increase the time out interval? chaitu051990

I could log in to lab. By the time I reply you, lab got disconnect.

I gets below warning while I try to write into a kafka topic.

@chaitu051990 @vinodnerella

@Sravan_Kumar @dgadiraju . Please look into this and help to resolve it.

@muhammedijas Check the broker port number… Use the below command for Kafka producer… \
      --broker-list,, \
      --topic <topic-name>