Not able to open/logging in the lab


Not able to open/logging in the lab.


#2 - open this link and check again. if it is still not working let us know.


it is opening in chrome browser but there is lagging in typing. I have installed putty in my system and try to open the console but it is throwing the attached error.error1



able to open in Chrome but not in putty. Kindly suggest.


@ashishkdbsingh There is no issue to connect big data labs from putty with your credentials. Please try again. If still getting same issue try with cygwin.

Command to use connect with cygwin ssh


If still getting the issue let us know we will make team viewer session to resolve your problem.


I found that it is working fine on my personal laptop but not working with my office laptop while connecting with my mobile operator, not office internet.

Is there any way to connect on it. Because it is connecting to chrome with mobile or office internet.

Ashish Singh