Not able to run spark 2 programs



Address already in use: Service ‘SparkUI’ failed after 16 retries! Consider explicitly setting the appropriate port for the service ‘SparkUI’ (for example spark.ui.port for SparkUI) to an available port or increasing spark.port.maxRetries.

I created Spark-Python codes , they were working fine in morning. Now when I try to run it , it gives above error. I am using IT versity labs. My user ID is meetpatel61


Hi Team, I am also facing the same issue when am trying to launch spark-shell from Itversity labs. Here is the screenshot of the error message:
Can you please look into the issue.


same issue with me. I am able to log into spark session, but it immediately gets failed after 5 min.



If it is failing after 5 minutes, it is not the same issue as others. You need to share the exception you are getting so that we can troubleshoot.

Please read the errors and share the screenshots or error logs with us.


@Yogesh_Dewan @meet61

You are using some common port. Try to change the port using --conf spark.ui.port=five_digit_number_less_than_65535