Not able to see Kafka command files after updating .bash_profile file . pressing tab after kafka not showing anything


[abhig60bd@gw01 ~]$ vi /bash_profile
[abhig60bd@gw01 ~]$ cat .bash_profile


Get the aliases and functions

if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
. ~/.bashrc

User specific environment and startup programs


export KAFKA_HOME=/usr/hdp/

export PATH
[abhig60bd@gw01 ~]$ kafka


It should work fine. Please check the screenshot below.


As suggested by Durga Viswanatha Raju Gadiraju in one of his videos in order to launch from anywhere even after logging out and logging back in … and after adding the KAFKA_HOME directory to the PATH variable in .profile file after typing just the word kafka and hitting tab we should be able to see the kafka command files.
This is not happening for me even after modifying my .profile file. Please check why it is not working as mentioned in the video.


It is working. Please find the screenshot for reference.


When I type kafka after updating the bash profile I am getting the following error below.Please help me
[nsaikrishnacse@gw01 ~]$ kafka
Usage: /usr/bin/kafka {start|stop|status|clean}


@Sai_Krishna Hit tab twice after typing kafka to get output like above.


**No space after kafka