Not able to see the database created in hive



Hi All,

i have created database in Hive with below command to import tables from mysql using sqoop

create database sqoop_import_venkat;

but i am not able to see the dir for this database under /user/hive/warehouse path . please suggest how to fix this issue .



After launching hive, you can see the hive warehouse directory path

set hive.metastore.warehouse.dir;


Hi chandan,

yes , i am able to see the path

hive (default)>
> set hive.metastore.warehouse.dir;
hive (default)>


now i am able to see the database which i have created in hive , thanks for prompt response.

i have one concern , i am not having permissions to write the data in mysql , can you help me out



Refer this link. It would be helpful to you.