Not sure what went wrong



Last week I attempted CCA 175 and managed to give only 6 correct answer out of 9. I attempted 8 out of 9 as one question was on Impala.

The questions were very simple and it was simple join and save result in HDFC or groupBy on some column and perform count, and according to me I did that correctly. Also in the last I spent 15 minutes just to check all my output directories that the files are in correct format and correct delimiter, everything was correct still for 2 questions it showed Incorrect Data.

What could be the possible reason ? Being from a SQL background I am confident that query I have written is correct. It was simple join and display 3 columns out of which one column is concatenation of two columns seperated by space. Other question was to group on String column and count values.

Please let me know if anyone can think of possible reason why it showed Incorrect data. The output file and delimiter was correct, I am sure of that!

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I am failed with 3 questions marked “Records contain incorrect data”. I am confident I did the solutions correct. What could have gone wrong?


There is no way anyone can comment on this. Is it with respect to Sqoop or Spark?


Thanks for replying Gadiraju sir.
This is regarding spark questions. I used spark sql to generate output. Questions asked to save output in parquet format with snappy compression.


what does records contain incorrect data mean?


Hi Sharad, were you able to find answer for your queries?


I also missed in by 1 mark. incorrect data. it was a simple question but in the scorecard it has shown incorrect data.

I am very confident about my solution. dont know what went wrong.