Null and not null string - does not work

Null and not null string - does not work
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I used below query to import a table with null and non null string be represented . but it not show NOT-AVAILABLE . why. I expected NOT-AVILABLE after the product desc column -column 4.

sqoop import
–connect “jdbc:mysql://”
–username retail_dba
–password itversity
–table products
–target-dir /user/dd/problem51/products-text
–fields-terminated-by ‘|’
–lines-terminated-by ‘\n’
–null-non-string -1
–null-string “NOT-AVAILABLE”
-m 3
–where “product_id between 1 and 1000”

output :

327|15|Reebok Women’s Performance Regular Motion Fit||50.0|http://images.acmesports.sports/Reebok+Women%27s+Performance+Regular+Motion+Fit+Capri
328|15|Under Armour Women’s Perfect Flowy Tank Top||32.99|http://images.acmesports.sports/Under+Armour+Women%27s+Perfect+Flowy+Tank+Top
329|15|Under Armour Women’s Essential Banded Tank To||49.99|http://images.acmesports.sports/Under+Armour+Women%27s+Essential+Banded+Tank+Top
330|15|Nike Women’s Dri-FIT Cotton Tight Capris||40.0|http://images.acmesports.sports/Nike+Women%27s+Dri-FIT+Cotton+Tight+Capris
331|15|The North Face Women’s Be Calm Tank Top||38.0|http://images.acmesports.sports/The+North+Face+Women%27s+Be+Calm+Tank+Top
332|15|Under Armour Women’s Pure Stretch Sheer Cheek||12.0|http://images.acmesports.sports/Under+Armour+Women%27s+Pure+Stretch+Sheer+Cheeky+Underwear
333|15|lucy Women’s Heart Center Tank Top||55.0|http://images.acmesports.sports/lucy+Women%27s+Heart+Center+Tank+Top


check the source table(product) description in mysql database.
It will only convert/change the values of columns which are having the values as ‘NULL’, it wont make any changes which are not having any value - like empty()… it will copy as is.