Overview of Hive Properties - SET and .hiverc


Let us understand details about Hive properties which control Hive run time environment.

  • Review /etc/hive/conf/hive-site.xml
  • Review properties using Management Tools such as Ambari or Cloudera Manager Web UI
  • Hive run time behavior is controlled by Hadoop Properties files, YARN Properties files, Hive Properties files etc.
  • If same property is defined in multiple properties files, then value in hive-site.xml will take precedence.
  • Properties control run time behavior
  • We can get all the properties using SET; in Hive CLI

Let us review some important properties in Hive. We will also see how properties can be reviewed using Hive CLI and how to overwrite them for the entire session using .hiverc.


  • We can review the current value using SET mapreduce.job.reduces;
  • We can overwrite property by setting value using the same SET command, eg: SET mapreduce.job.reduces=2;
  • We can overwrite the default properties by using .hiverc. It will be executed whenever Hive CLI is launched.

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