Passed CCA 175 - 27 September 2020

Hey Everyone,
Yesterday, I appeared for the CCA 175 exam and after waiting for 24 hours got the results that I passed the exam with 8/9. I took around 10 mins to solve each question. But the 8 questions I got stuff and it took around wasn’t able to save the result into DB due to some error.
After trying a lot i skipped it and moved to the last one and finished it 15 mins… last 15 mins i spent again on the 8th one… but strangely I wasn’t able to figure out the problem…

Questions are pretty straight forward and easy, you just need to practice a lot different formats, different compression and sql functions .
i wrote all the answers in a text editor which you will see on desktop of VM and i wrote al lthe code first in the editor then pasted in the terminal ,control + c and control v dont work in terminal , simple right click i did.
Most of the code written in the text editor from the previous problem can be re-used.
Just a pointer - VM is bit slower, you can observe some lag … another than that its a simple exam if you have practiced well.

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Hi Shaitender,


Quick question: As mentioned you faced issue while saving result in DB,did you get mysql/sqoop related questions?

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We needed to save the result in hive table, i realised after exam that i didn’t something stupid and was trying to save it in wrong DB which doesnt exist that’s why the error was coming.

No questions related to.sqoop or mysql.