Passed CCA131 Cloudera Administrator


Hello All,

I passed CCA131 certification two weeks back.

The exam was moderate difficulty and you can pass it if you have prior experience as Hadoop Admin.

The best preparation for this exam is to download the Cloudera Quickstart VM or build a multi node cluster on your own and practice all the topics given in exam blueprint.

If you’re new to hadoop, then go through the Itversity’s Hadoop administration playlist in Youtube and get familiar with all the basics. Then practice the topics in the blueprint and once you’re confident enough, then you can go for the exam.

As Cloudera mentioned in the exam page, you’ll be given prebuilt CDH 5.10 multi node cluster running on Cent OS nodes. You have to add/configure service, run jobs, troubleshoot as per the problems given for you.

Unlike Redhat, Cloudera offers no free second attempt or concession in the exam fee. So practice and learn as much as you can before paying $300.


  • The final output matters. You won’t get any step marks for the problem, you’ll be marked pass only when the output is as expected.
  • Permissions.ownership. Pay attention to the files permissions. Even if your output is correct, but the file’s permission is 777 instead of 775 it will be marked wrong. Same applicable for ownership as well.
  • Differentiate local Filesystem and HDFS. In some problems, the output is expected in HDFS, so if you store the output in linux fs, it will be marked wrong. Understand whether they’re mentioning local FS or HDFS.
  • Warnings/errors: There should be no warnings or error messages after adding a service. If anything appears, identify the cause and fix it.
  • Deploy client configuration after every change you’re making in the services configuration. The answer will be marked wrong if the client config not deployed.
  • Very Important: Don’t finish the exam without ensuring Cluster is in good and running state. If the cluster is down or deploying client config and if your exam ends, then you’ll be marked fail for the all problems with respect to the cluster.
  • You need to get atleast 8 problems out of 10 to pass the exam guaranteedly.
    Cloudera mentioned 70% as the pass mark, but the problems weightage are not equal. So even if you get 7 out of 10 right, you may not score 70%.

You can find more on how to prepare for the exam based on exam blueprint and feedback, tips, in this link:
CCA131 exam preparation notes

Don’t go for any dumps. They are not legitimate, are of no use and you won’t learn anything from it.

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can you please help me with itversity CCA 131 playlist that you referred for CCA 131 ?