Passed CCA175 - 25 February 2018



Passed CCA175…thanks a ton to Mr. Durga/itversity and Mr. Arun for the learning content and practice problems - Great work guys! And thanks to all forum members as well for sharing their valuable insights about the exam.


  • 9 questions: 2 Sqoop and 7 Spark
  • Screen resolution is a little low which makes working on multiple terminals at a time a bit challenging.
  • Also, there was a little lag too that I experienced while dragging windows, typing etc. So better be prepared with the right mindset to get used to the exam environment quickly.
    Tip: It can be a good idea to ‘Set Title’ for each of the terminal windows (like Spark, Sqoop etc.) to easily identify them while working on solutions.
  • Practice a lot to get the speed and confidence before the exam!

All the best to all future CCA175 aspirants!


To add more to the above post:

  • Pay a lot of attention to the requirements for the output for each problem like output location, file format, required transformation on fields, field delimiters, compression etc. Any deviation from these can result in the problem getting marked as incorrect.


Thank you for sharing your experience. All the Best…!!



In your exam, was there spark question on creating or using function in combination with the usage of RDD?

Thank you.


hi, do I need to use repartition(1) to save the answer during the exam ? thanks