Passed CCA175 exam



Hi Guys,
I passed CCA175 exam and wanted to share my experience for everyone’s benefit.First of all thanks to Durga and Arun Sir for creating such a wonderful site(s). These sites really helped me to prepare for this exam.
I had a very bad experience while taking the exam, it all started well but after sometime, I got disconnected and then my ordeal started. I was able to contact the coordinator and refresh seemed to connect me back. But I realized that the connection was so slow that I could barely type.
Bunch of reconnects/refreshes but nothin seem to fix the issue. I started to panic then.
Luckily my examinor was helpful and told me to connect through wire rather then wifi. That kind of saved the day for me. I felt like giving up in between as almost an hour had passed and I was done with only 2 questions. Again, reading through these threads of other people’s experiences, I tried all my best to cool my self and concentrate on the exam problems.
At the end, as they say, ‘All well that ends well’, I could finish my exam and passed it.
Lesson learnt :
1)Keep your cool, no matter what the situation is.
2) Use a wired connection for better internet speed.

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