Passed CCA175 on June 13, 2018

Hello everyone:

I passed CCA175 exam yesterday.

I used Durga’s Udemy course (CCA175 based on pyspark), itversity labs and Arun’s blog as my resources.

All three are excellent resources for preparation. But if possible try to practice on VM also as it should be close to the real exam env. I did not practice on VM, and it took sometime for me to adapt to exam environment. The questions should be easy if you complete Durga’s course and Arun’s blog. In spite of spending 20 minutes on a question and also taking some time to adapt to the env (like 5 mins to 10 mins), I was able to finish the exam 10 minutes before and used that time to verify my output again.

NOTE: Pay special attention to file formats (Again Arun’s blog is excellent reference). I used pyspark for the exam.

Good luck

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@sekhar.m Congratulations!!
I have scheduled the exam on coming sunday. Please let me know how the details will be provided for sqoop and mysql connection. Did you face any difficulty to connect?

Thanks, @Rupali_Maitri.

You will be provided with database name, the host name to use and source/target table name.

I did not face any problem to connect MySQL Database.

@sekhar.m Thanks for the info. One more question , do they provide links for documents - spark,scala,etc? and what will be the difficulty level for the aggregations and ranking questions - as compared to durga sir’s Udemy course example?

Congratulations @sekhar.m !! Thank you for sharing the experience!. Can you tell me how many questions on flume did you get? can exam be managed without them?I am asking because I am not really comfortable with Flume!!