Pig - basic exec command execution - file not found


Hi Itversity,

Pig script :
I executed the pig script in grunt shell with exec /user/lakishiva/mypig/laki.pig
The pig script /user/lakishiva/mypig/laki.pig is in hdfs.
Input file :
The input file /user/lakishiva/retail_db/departments/part-00000 is also in hdfs.

I am getting the following file not found error.

2018-11-20 08:17:20,206 [main] ERROR org.apache.pig.tools.grunt.Grunt - ERROR 1000: Error during parsing. File not found: /user/lakishiva/mypig/lak

Please let me know what is the issue and how to resolve it. Thanks !


I’m having the same file not found issue while executing from the command prompt too.

Please address this issue… Thanks !


@Lakshmi_Priya You need to run your script from your Local file system. Please refer the screenshot. And you can also run with below command

pig -f /home/lakishiva/<PATH_TO_SCRIPT>