Possible to login to MYSQL in CCA175?



While taking the CCA175 test, is it possible to login to mysql database to get a clarity of the data?

I am asking this because, if a problem statement is given for which you need to view data first to act on it, is it possible to login? Or the only option is to run “sqoop eval” command to find it.

Someone who cleared CCA175 , please let me know.


Yes, you can login to MYSQL database in CCA175 exam


may I know if you were able to login? Because when I tried, the user “cert” (the default user when you login to CDH in the exam) has no access privilege to connect to mysql. No other users were specified in the problem statement. So in such scenario how do we connect to mysql?


were you able to connect to mysql with the username/password provided in sqoop problems?


I face same issue during my exam. They have not provided link to connect and cert user dont have access for mysql. I could not solve 2 question because of this issue.


yes we can connect mysql in exam to validate the no of records for import and export.