Problem 20 Itversity Lab



Hi @itversity,

i was facing with the 20th problem in itversity Lab.

Are there any information missing?
i dn’t kow how can i solve it since the error it’s always “connection refused”

And i don’t understand why you can’t provide solutions.

Thank you


Yes, the question is incomplete. We will take care of it today.


Hi @itversity
is this question still incomplete?

if not can you provide some clue to solve this problem?



doing a simple import and getting mysql connection refused, here is sqoop command:

sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql://localhost/retailDB --username eric_tabot --table customer -m 1

But when I use the following command:
sqoop list-databases --connect jdbc:mysql://localhost --username eric_tabot

it works

I have not been able to run one single import since I paid for this lab, this is crazy.
I had to import data by myself to work with, lab environment does not have any data as explained in the udemy course. I have lost alot of time with this lab environment.