Query Example - Word Count


Let us see how we can perform word count using Hive QL.

  • Create table by name wordcount.
  • Insert data into the table.
CREATE TABLE wordcount (s STRING);

  ('Hello World'),
  ('How are you'),
  ('Let us perform the word count'),
  ('The definition of word count is'),
  ('to get the count of each word from this data');

Now let us develop the logic to get the word count.

  • Split the lines into array of words
  • Explode them into records
SELECT split(s, ' ') FROM wordcount;
SELECT explode(split(s, ' ')) FROM wordcount;

Let us come up with the query to get word count.

  • We need to use nested subquery to get the count.
  • We will understand more about queries and nested queries later.
SELECT word, count(1) FROM (
  SELECT explode(split(s, ' ')) AS word FROM wordcount
) q
GROUP BY word;

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