Query regarding sqoop and jdbc


Hi, I have installed sql server on my laptop and created few tables. Can we use sqoop or spark jdbc to get the data from my sql server tables in itversity lab environment?



@Vikrant_Singh_Rana I hope this topic will help you

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Thanks for suggesting me. My question was that can we connect to our personal sql server to it versity lab environment using sqoop or spark jdbc connection? will there be any conflicts due to access issues? Do they have to be in same intranet?



Can you access your personal sql server via any public IP? Then you can connect that using Sqoop or Spark JDBC in itversity labs.

If you are not able to access your sql server through any public ip, then it is not possible to connect to your server from Itversity labs or any other environment.



Thanks a lot. If I have to connect to sql server instead of lab MySQL … which location do I need to keep my driver for sqoop?



Did anyone tried connecting to their local sql server or any other database to It versity lab environment? if yes what steps do we need to take into consideration. Kindly help me. I am struggling to fix this issue since long.