Question on github 175Scala 96 question


Hi Sir,

I am giving CCA 175 certifaction on 3rd April.
And have started practicing 96 question uploaded in github
(Link: ).
Which looks great however in most of the question we are working on input file, and every where it says “as file given in RHS”. and i am not able to find the input file in any folder such data or text.

As for example, question 44 has

Problem Scenario 44 : You have been given 4 files , with the content as given in RHS.
(spark11/file1 .txt)
Write a Spark program, which will give you the highest occuring words in each file. With their file name and highest occuring words.

Without the input file the question and solution are not of much help.

I have access to LAB as well.
Could you please and please suggest .


These 96 scenarios are not part of the official itversity content. They have been posted in the best interest of aspirants by one of the fellow aspirants.

@paslechoix - thanks for the material…


Thanks a lot for your confirmation.
However i will raise my best gratitude for the material…

Those material are very good.

Thanks a lot