Quick Links - Not working (Except Forums)



Hello Team,

I just signed into the labs and started using (exploring) it.

But while clicking on the Quick Links - Ambari, Name Node, Resource Manager, Job History Server etc, it is showing “Connection Refused” error. The only link I am able to access is Forums.

Could you please guide me on this.

Thanks !!


Its working fine with me. There might be some issue, try after sometime


Hello Team,

I am still not able to access all the quick links.

Tried multiple times but still not able to access - Resource Manager, Job History Server, Spark History Server.

@itversity - Could you please help me out accessing the links.

Thanks !!


@PATTEM We updated over the cluster. So please go through below link for the process to access Quick links from Ambari. We will update the links in website soon.