Real World Data Engineering Projects


Can Itversity start courses on end to end real world data engineering projects. All the courses are great and have lot of good content although when it actually comes to data engineering positions what employers look for is real world/production experience. I am sure many aspiring data engineers struggle in interviews since they do not have real time/production experience and enough projects to speak about. It would be nice to have Itversity courses that are solving some real world data engineering problems using technologies like Spark, AWS, Linux, Big Data, Kafka, NoSQL and many others. We can learn a lot from the courses and sample data sets but the real challenges and issues that come are when we work with real world data.

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As an alternative you can look into “capstone” projects under various Big Data Coursera certification courses.


Indeed, a very good suggestion. This will help to get at least a bit of confidence to attend interviews.