Regarding apache flume files missing



I could not find any flume conf files in the opt/examples/flume directory in itversity lab for ingesting real time data into hdfs as shown in the video tutorial.Can u tell me where this folder could be found?


@karthick_raja Here is the path for flume conf - /usr/hdp/current/flume-server/conf


@vinodnerella There is no content in flume.conf file in the path you gave for flume conf files.Can u give me a solution?


You have to create your own conf files and start flume agents.


@vinodnerella Should we write our own conf files in CCA 175 certification exam also?


They might give template or you have to write your own.


Will they ask to ingest real time data in twitter into hdfs in CCA 175 certification exam?


It is a violation of certification rules to reveal any information related to questions.