Request to add this jar TwitterSource_new.jar



Could you add this jar file TwitterSource_new.jar into this folder /usr/hdp/current/flume-server/lib. Make this ASAP. Appreciated your efforts.



or provide me read/write access this folder /usr/hdp/current/flume-server/lib

my userid is : getvenkathere



you don’t need any specific access to add JARs to specific location, instead of that you can use “FLUME_CLASSPATH”
Below command will be helpful:

export FLUME_CLASSPATH=/path/to/your/lib.jar.

Then execute your flume config & let me know here for any challenges.


Where do i need to setup this class path in which .sh file . Also currently my required jar is at /home/getvenkathere/TwitterSource_new.jar and I need to have this in path


When i tried to update flume.conf file with this command i received

flume.conf: Add your flume configuration here and start flume

Note if you are using the Windows srvice or Unix service

provided by the HDP distribution, they will assume the

agent’s name in this file to be ‘a1’

#export FLUME_CLASSPATH="/usr/hdp/current/flume-server/lib"

Received this error:
[ Error writing flume.conf: Permission denied ]

or if you would have setup for me that is also fine, kindly do this ASAP.



You can keep JARs in any location but add them to class path using below command:

export CLASSPATH=/home/getvenkathere/some_libs/*.jar

In above location copy your libraries & JARs, then execute Flume Conf.