Ridiculous proctor exam


OK, this is not a success story, in deed, I am almost certain I failed, and the reason is NOT me, it is the exam provider!!!

3 questions about sqoop

1/2: credentail is not accepted!!!
3: no credential is provided, assuming the same credential, of course denied access as well.

Does anyone have same experience?

I feel so terrible now


@paslechoix can you email your mail id, ethabhi@gmail.com want to know about your exam experience i have exam next week


@paslechoix total how many questions you got ,


Could yo share more of your experience?
What kind of questions were provided in addition to the sqoop questions?


Hello @paslechoix,

Can you please tell us more about your experience. What happened??

Has anyone faced same issue. Please share your experience this will help.


@paslechoix I faced the same experience while attending the exam.I gave the credentials they gave in the question but i got error.I heard that the error might be due to incorrect hostname but I gave the correct hostname.But still the sqoop command cannot be executed.I could not find exactly what mistake I made.


did you demand a free-retake or refund?


@paslechoix No I did not demand any free-retake or refund as I did not know whether it was their mistake or mine.


I believe it is their fault as the error is clear: Access Denied. I double check with the database name, the jdbc link,

The only thing I did not try out is to write the command directly online instead of copy it from Sublime


I am looking around other certificate now, does anyone here take DataBricks?


@paslechoix Did you queastion video on cloudera before taking exam , i think we have to use gateway address they have explained on that question


I was using gateway to connect, tried with and without port, just not letting me in, you know, sqoop questions are the easiest questions, impossible to make any mistakes there.

The exam is easy indeed, except for the shocking environment: tiny windows, snail-like cluster, …, if not for that incident, I would have completed at least 20 minutes earlier.


@paslechoix Can you email me ethabhi@gmail.com. i want to take inputs on your mistakes so that i will not make that mistakes i have exam in next week .

i have seen your code snippets on github you have done hard work , Good Luck

Appreciate your response


Hey @paslechoix, can you suggest anything I have exam in 1 hour.


Nobody can help you if you are denied the database access, I wish you all the best. You may want to have some naming convention for your draft on Sublime so you can quickly get back to whatever you want to check


Hmm ok. Thank you.!! Lets see… I will post my experience after exam.


I’m sorry butti didn’t understand. Did the my provide every information about sqoop, like jdbc connection, user, password?


Have you faced any connectivity issue during the exam duration?? Like the exam questions are disappear they will ask you to refresh …any kind of such issue during the exam???


yes, I did, the proctor asked me to refresh and then it became fine. Does that matter?


No it does not… they will refund the money back or whom we need to reach out it cloudera for this scenario.